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Sky Lagoon Tour

Sky Lagoon tour may be a novel addition to Iceland’s assortment of lagoons, but it’s far from your average geothermal bath experience. With an infinity-edge pool that gives you splendid vistas of the ocean from a 230-feet high cliff, it truly feels like the meeting spot of the sky and sea. A warm and healing soak in the lagoon steals the spotlight, but the journey doesn’t end there. Enjoy Sky Lagoon’s 7-step process, feel rejuvenated, and connect with nature. Located in Kopavogur, a 15-minute drive away from Reykjavík, Sky Lagoon is a convenient escape from the crowds and a memory you will cherish forever.

Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon was opened for visitors in 2021. The artificial lagoon, better known as the infinity-edge pool, is nestled in a landscape that gifts you stunning views of the coastal area of Iceland. If the weather permits, you will also get a glimpse of an active volcano sending smoky clouds. During winter, if you are lucky, your eyes will enjoy the spectacle of Northern Lights.

Sky Lagoon’s specialty is its seamless confluence of the old and new. Like Blue Lagoon, it pampers visitors with a world-class spa experience and lavish amenities. However, the setting itself with turf-house architecture and rugged natural surroundings will transport you back in time.

Enjooy one of the most famous Secret lagon in Iceland.

The Ritual at Sky Lagoon

The sky lagoon seven step ritual is a phenomenal experience designed exclusively for Sky Lagoon visitors with Pure and Sky Passes. This journey to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul begins with a soak in the therapeutic geothermal waters of the lagoon, keeping true to Iceland’s tradition. Then, take a walk in the cold air or a dip in the glacier-fresh pool – if you are brave enough to jolt your sense with icy water!

Third, power up with a steam bath in the sauna while enjoying the panoramic ambiance. Then, you can treat yourself to a different sensation in the cold fog-mist, letting your body balance the warmth and cold. Then, it’s time to indulge in a pampering session with a revitalizing body scrub. The exfoliation step is followed by another steam bath, and finally, you can enjoy a cleansing shower in pure water and emerge with smooth and soft skin!

Sky Lagoon Packages

If you are running out of time, we recommend you go for a Pure Lite Pass that gives you the benefit of enjoying a dip in the lagoon with public changing facilities. The Pure Pass lets you enjoy the complete 7-step ritual with access to public changing facilities. If you prefer a premium experience, the Sky Pass is ideal. Indulge in the 7-step ritual and enjoy private changing facilities with the lagoon’s signature skincare products.

You can enjoy a drink or beer from the bar while bathing in the lagoon. Then, you can head to the Sky Café to enjoy some light snacks or dive into a wholesome lip-smacking meal at Smakk Bar. Most of the food served here are Icelandic specialties prepared from fresh produce!


While enjoying a dip in a geothermal pool is a pastime activity for Icelanders, it is an unforgettable experience for travellers from abroad. So, don’t miss visiting Sky Lagoon. Book your tour with us today!

Also visit Jökulsárlón.

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