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Secret Lagoon Iceland Tour

Looking for a hideaway spot in Iceland? Then, it is time you tiptoe to Secret Lagoon!

Secret Lagoon, famed among locals as Gamla Laugin, is a mandatory attraction for every visitor, offering you an old-fashioned and long-preserved Icelandic experience. Located in the charming village of Flúði, it is the oldest natural pool of Iceland fed by the geothermal waters of many hot springs in the area. It only takes a 90-minute drive from the capital city of Reykjavík to reach here! If you are hoping to explore the Golden Circle Route, know that it is only 30 minutes away from Geysir and Gullfoss Waterfall.

The secret lagoon Iceland tour is set in a serene, secluded, and romantic ambiance, and it’s perfect if you want to avoid the crowds. Revive your senses and detox your mind as you settle in the calming geothermal waters of the pool. Embrace the beauty of unspoiled greenery and feel your body relaxing right away.

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About Secret Lagoon Iceland Tour

Secret lagoon is an artificial pool built in Flúðir, preserving the lush natural area surrounding it. Water for the lagoon comes from three major hot springs located nearby known as, Vaðmálahver, Básahver, and Litli Geysir. The sulphur-rich geothermal water is maintained at a temperature of 38-40C to give you the best experience.

Interestingly, there are pathways built surrounding the lagoon for you to watch bubbling and steamy hot springs live in action! The small geyser that sprouts every ten minutes adds a spark to the already dramatic setting. So, give yourself a little tour and enjoy the wonderful performance of mother nature. You can even view it while soaking in the soothing warm water in the lagoon.

History of Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon was built in 1891 at Hverahólmi in South Iceland for locals to use as a bathing and washing area. It is the first pool built in Iceland, and the first swimming lessons in the country were held here. This is why locals refer to Secret Lagoon as Gamla Laugin, meaning old pool.

As another pool began to gain fame, Secret Lagoon was forlorn and forgotten. But, in 2005, its new owners decided to revive this gem and preserve the traditional geothermal bathing culture of Iceland.

Secret Lagoon opened for visitors in 2014 after the original bathing pool was renovated and enhanced to accommodate more guests. However, the secluded, attractive, and natural appeal of the original lagoon remains for your pleasure.


Secret Lagoon is equipped with showers to help you freshen up after a soothing soak in the lagoon. They are built separately for men and women for added convenience. You can purchase snacks and drinks from the Bistro on-site to fill your appetite. Grab a chilled beverage, take a dip in the pool, and let your worries wane away.

If what you are looking for is a no-frills yet outstanding nature-bound retreat, Secret Lagoon is the place to go. The lagoon is ideal for all ages, making it the perfect recreation spot for families, couples, and even solo travellers. If you want to ensure a flawlessly planned tour to Secret Lagoon, book your tour with us!

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