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Fed by Europe’s highest hot spring, Deildartunguhver, Krauma Iceland baths invite you for an exceptional and ever-lasting experience. The perfect blend of pristine waters of the hot spring (100C) and the cold water from the Okjökull glacier in these geothermal baths will caress you with a gentle warmth. It is also a testament to Iceland’s flawless balance of fire and ice. As you step in and soak into the embrace of the warm water, you would find yourself relaxing, calming, and delightfully at ease. 

This luxuriating natural spa in West Iceland will lure you to stay longer – for it is no less than a phenomenal retreat. We wouldn’t be surprised if you want to spend days here, surrounded by breath-taking scenery and spoilt by world-class hospitality.

Krauma is open all year round for your convenience, and we can take you there!

About krauma geothermal bath Iceland

krauma baths Iceland is a hot spring spa with a cluster of six baths, all except one being warm. Visitors can soak in the geothermally heated pools for relaxation and then go to a dip in the cold one for an adrenaline rush! As the spring maintains a swift flow of 180 liters per second, water is constantly replaced naturally, eliminating the need for purification using chemicals. 

Krauma’s setting is a magnificent fusion of natural beauty and sophisticated modernity. The sleek and contemporary-styled building is equipped with comfortable amenities, while the baths are designed to complement the natural appeal of the surrounding. Located in a rugged Icelandic landscape, it is only an hour drive away from the capital city of Reykjavík.

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The History

The Deildartunguhver Spring, considered the most powerful on the entire continent, was initially used by locals for washing and heating purposes. In addition, locals have also enjoyed the privilege of obtaining the geothermally-heated water for saunas, hot-water showers, and cooking in their houses. Icelanders have also recognized the healing powers of these hot springs, harnessing their wonders for many centuries. 

Today, Krauma has opened up the opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience this jewel of Iceland with a modern touch. Looking for a tranquil spot to rediscover your soul or create romantic moments with your special someone? Krauma will exceed your expectations.

A Holistic Wellness Journey 

Krauma is your perfect hideaway spot from the chaos of the city, helping you sensualize the soothing elements of nature. Besides geothermal baths, Krauma also houses relaxation rooms for you to unwind and de-stress while enjoying the awe-inspiring landscape around you. Get into your Zen mode with calming music and a cheerful fireplace, elevating your mindfulness. You can also treat yourself to a steam bath to refresh and rejuvenate your body and soul. 

The on-site restaurant servers guest with authentic Iceland cuisine prepared by fresh produce from the local farm nearby so you can tantalize your taste buds after a lavish, warm bath. You can also enjoy wine, beer, or other drinks at the pools. Krauma can accommodate up to 70 guests inside and 70 outside on the terrace. Swimwear, towels, and robes are available for rent at an added cost.

So, are you ready for an unforgettable vacation? Then, book your Krauma tour with us today!

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