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The Blue Lagoon Iceland | Lagoons in Iceland | Sky Lagoon Iceland
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The Blue Lagoon Iceland


As the epitome of luxury spas in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon Iceland promises to take you on an idyllic journey that would feel out of this world. When you set your eyes on this oasis of milky blue waters encircled by lava fields, it would be a question of reality and fantasy. Indeed, as a destination that tops every itinerary and travel guide to Iceland, Blue Lagoon knows how to enchant its visitors with its picture-perfect atmosphere. The geothermally-heated waters will reward you with a sense of relaxation, too good to be true, and you can indulge in the warmth as long as you like. Step into this dramatic yet charming, exciting yet soothing, surreal yet authentic experience and discover yourself anew.

About The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon is a unique spa facility located in Grindavík, Iceland centering a lagoon of geothermal seawater globally renowned for its rejuvenating properties. The water is a blend of fresh water and ocean water with a sweltering temperature of 240C. As it reaches the lagoon, it comes down to 38C, the ideal warmth! Blue Lagoon’s architecture is a perfect confluence of modern aesthetics and natural charms to provide you a supremely comfortable stay. It has been built accommodating the lava fields that encircle the lagoon, offering gorgeous views for visitors.

More About the Milky Blue Waters

Blue Lagoon derives its name from the light blue color of its geothermal seawater, a result of the light reflected by the copious amount of silica found here. Besides its stunning visual appeal, the geothermal water of Blue Lagoon has been proven to be a potent therapy for your well-being. A soak in the lagoon, rich in microalgae and other minerals, can nourish your skin, relax your mind, and refresh your body. Geothermal seawaters are an effective treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Many visitors have found relief bathing here, and you will feel its transformative effect too.

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Unparalleled Experiences

Besides the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon, the wellness center also features a lagoon waterfall, sauna and steam room, in-water mask bar, and in-water bar to keep all your senses leisurely occupied. There’s also a Retreat Spa, an exclusive, high-end facility that gives you access to a more intimate experience of the lagoon. If you want to avoid the crowds and revel in an exquisite, private moment in the magical waters, the Retreat Lagoon can give you just that. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to enjoy this geothermal wonder, both for pleasure and healing purposes.

Impressive Amenities

We know a couple of hours isn’t enough, but worry not. Blue Lagoon also offers accommodation facilities, so you can spend a good few days immersing yourself in its beauty. You can also feast on top-notch Icelandic cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients at the restaurants here. They offer vegan-friendly and kid-friendly meals as well. 

Blue Lagoon has a range of skincare products under its name, formulated using bioactive ingredients found in geothermal water. You can purchase them to treat your skin right at home. Every guest is offered a free silica mud mask as a part of the Blue Lagoon entrance package. Try it and test its efficacy yourself.

A Blue Lagoon tour will surely be one of the best moments in your life. So, book your tour with us today to explore this iconic place in Iceland!

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